Tyldesley's - Makers Market

Published September 7th, 2023

The inception of the makers market was to bring together like minded people who are interested in promoting their business or promoting their hobbies. It has also created a great community. The Makers Markets takes place the first Saturday of every month and are themed the markets have been a massive success.

Various different themes -

Such as:

World Cup Theme for the Womens World Cup

VE Day

Halloween Theme

And many more..

A Great Story Below...

The Makers Market Business Incubator

After attending the makers market for a few months, one lady who was selling Wax Candles and other Wax items, really found success. It was a product that really hit it off well with the public and Tyldesley Community so much so, she has been able to sell enough to now pay for a rental unit on Tyldesley High Street. The Company is called Wiltshire Wax Company. We are sure the business would have been a great success anyway as the products being sold are fabulous however, we would like to think the Makers Market provided a platform for her to show of the products accelerating the speed in which the company has grown.

Great positive side effects we didn't originally aim for.