How to apply for a grant

Who can apply?

You can apply for funding if you are the owner of an historic building in the Tyldesley HAZ area which is in commercial use, as long as the building / project meets the relevant criteria set out by the For Tyldelsey Project Board (refer to Section 3 of the Grant Advice Notes. If you are the tenant of commercial property, you can also apply, as long as you have a repairing lease which is not due to expire before the end of March 2024.

We have identified a number of priority projects (A & B projects), which focus on properties within the area that are considered to be most at risk from deterioration, however we welcome applications from anyone eligible within the Tyldesley HAZ area who seek funding for their heritage project.

What work is eligible for funding?

Funding is available for conservation-led repairs and improvements to commercial properties located within the HAZ area and could include:

  • Building repairs which add to the historic character of the area, such as re-roofing, pointing of masonry, or dtructural stabilisation.
  • Repairs or reinstatement of architectural features that have been lost, such as traditional shop fronts and sliding sash windows, doors, where clear evidence exists to inform the historic appearance and details.
  • Work to the public realm (space between buildings that is publicly accessible and publicly used)
  • Work to bring vacant buildings or parts of buildings back into use, including conversion and adaptation for commercial, residential, or other purposes.
  • Good-quality and sympathetic development of gap sites that enhance the local character
  • Development costs regarding professional fees, building surveys and associated fees during the project development phase.

Works which are NOT eligible include:

Demolition, modernisation works, renewal of building services, substitute materials where original is obtainable, speculative reinstatement of historic features, maintenance and minor repairs, works that are detrimental to the heritage significance of a place, and capital work started without prior consent. 

Grant rates will vary depending on the type of work you want to carry out and you will need to make a small private contribution. Please refer to Section 4 of the Grant Advice Notes. Available in our downloads section.

For more information on eligible works or to discuss your project in more detail please contact the HAZ Project Manager, Kate Mitchell by email:

How do I find out more? 

For more information please read our Grant Advice Notes (available on our download section) or/and please contact the HAZ Project Manager, Kate Mitchell by email: will be happy to contact you to discuss your project/property and give you any help and advice.

How do I apply?

Grants will not be offered for work that has already begun and cannot be awarded for works that do not have the relevant planning, listed building consent or buildings regulation approvals.  It is vital that applicants plan ahead when preparing their applications as planning and design work may take several months. 

Should you feel that you meet the relevant selection criteria and that you wish to apply for funding towards eligible building works, please complete the Expression of Interest Form and submit to the HAZ Project Manager, Kate Mitchell by email: Expressions of Interest can be submitted at any time, the deadline for submissions is June 2023.

Your proposals will then be assessed by the HAZ Project Manager, who will contact you and formally confirm whether your project is eligible for HAZ funding and that you meet For Tyldesley’s additional selection criteria, prior to progressing to the next stage and appointing a suitable professional (please see our Architectural Framework should you need help with this).

Your professional, must have the appropriate conservation skills and experience to help you with your heritage project (see table 1. within the Grant Advice Notes). They will also be able to help you prepare drawings/work specification, obtain priced tenders from appropriate building contractors with heritage experience and apply for the relevant statutory permissions required.  Once this is in place, your formal application can be submitted and will then have to be assessed and approved by the HAZ Project Board (and Historic England, for grants over £50,000).  You therefore need to allow plenty of time before work starts on site. Please refer to Section 5 of the Grant Advice Notes which has more detail about the application process. 

Other useful documents (available on our download section) include The Grant Application Form and the Document Checklist for Applicants, which lists all supporting documentation required through the process.