About The For Tyldesley Project

Portrait of the High Street Heritage Action Zone community group inside Frank's Cafe.

The High Street Heritage Action Zones Programme was a nationwide initiative designed to secure lasting improvements to our historic high streets for the communities who use them. It was funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (with a contribution from the National Lottery Heritage Fund) and run by Historic England. 

The Programme aimed to make the high street a more attractive, engaging, and vibrant place for people to live, work and spend time. The High Streets Heritage Action Zones Programme achieved this through three complementary strands:  

  • (a) Physical works to buildings, including repair, reinstatement of lost features, supporting the conversion of historic buildings for new uses and improvement of shared spaces, drawing on the lessons learnt in Streets for All.  
  • (b) Cultural activities and events celebrating the history of the high street and its importance to local communities over the generations.
  • (c) Community Engagement activities which gave local communities a key role in deciding what works they wanted to see happen on their high street.  

Catherine Dewar, Historic England’s North West Regional Director said:

“Our high streets bring people together. They are places to socialise, shop, run businesses and be part of our local community. When high streets suffer, the special, diverse character of our historic places and communities suffers too. This is a wonderful project, which has the power and passion of the people of Tyldesley at its heart. With this funding from the Government, combined with the expertise and pride of locals, For Tyldesley and Historic England, the future of Tyldesley’s high street is, thankfully, looking bright.”

Ian Tomlinson, For Tyldesley Spokesperson said:

“This is a chance to do things a bit differently in Tyldesley. Ours is the only North West HAZ that has been designed and developed by the community and we are excited about the prospect of regenerating Elliott Street and delivering heritage and cultural events for everyone to celebrate and enjoy. The TfGM Guided Busway has provided an economic boost that we can now afford to exploit, however its success has created new issues in the town. I have witnessed how the community and traders came together with the authorities to co-produce a solution. Historic England have also experienced and acknowledged this unique culture and resilience in our town too which clearly inspired them to support our bid. We look forward to working with them to deliver our promise to make Tyldesley a prosperous, proud and safer environment for everyone and create a lasting legacy for future generations”