Isn't this interesting? Tyldesley is a good place to visit for new visitors and repeat visitors.

The scaffolding was finally removed this weekend following the fitting of the first-floor windows over the weekend. This will make it easier for the joiners to fit the new shop front to Franks Café which was delivered this morning, hopefully it will be fitted this week, and the glazing will follow on at a later date.  Thanks to Tyldesley Historical Society for researching the advertisement revealed on the Lime Street elevation. With a bit more digging we plan to refresh the sign using traditional signwriting skills.

New stylish windows

Delivery of shop frontage

Can you spot a Grundy's Grid?

History Beneath Us.

Are you going on holiday? Have you moved away from the area, can you spot a Grundy's Grid!

There's prizes to be won for the grid spotted furthest away! All entries to be submitted before the end of September. Winners will be announced as part of the heritage open day celebrations in September.

Send your submissions to with your name and location, a close up and one slightly further away for context (and so we can check you aren't cheating too obviously) .

What's the history of Grundy's Grids?

I'm Julie and I volunteer for community engagement projects. So far i've worked on Grundy's Grids and Tyldesley Tales. Born and bred in Tyldesley.

I'm very proud of the community spirit and the people. I was brought up in Ash Street and have very fond memories of Tyldesley Wakes visiting Shakerley Common as a child.

Also as a proud Rotarian (Tyldesley and Atherton) I see the benefits daily of getting involved in your local community and being inspired by others.

Take a look at a gallery of old photos captured in Tyldesley Town Centre.

If you have any you would like to send across.. we will add them to the gallery.

High Street Design Guide launch 5.15 to 7.15 on the 8th September 119 Elliott Street

Creating a considered, robust shop front that responds to its surroundings will benefit your business. If your business is located within a modern building, a well proportioned modern design will often be the most appropriate. Alternatively, if your property is older, a more traditional style and approach should be considered. This document will help you navigate the whole process and connect you to the agencies who can help you with your project.

This quick guide supplements the comprehensive guide For Tyldesley will be launching on the 8th of September in the HAZ office next to the Half Moon. Traders, property owners and friends and family of Paul Kinsella are also welcome, a page in the guide is dedicated to his memory and contribution to the HAZ.

Few people know that Tyldesley is a Conservation Area and apart from the usual planning restrictions there are some other considerations that traders and building owners need to be aware of when they’re planning improvements .This handy guide will hopefully inspire owners to consider more sympathetic improvements and prevent costly mistakes. Friends and family of Paul Kinsella are also welcome, a page in the guide is dedicated to his memory and contribution to the HAZ.

Traders and property owners are welcome to drop in to the HAZ office, next to the Half Moon for a drink and a chat while they collect their own personal copy of the Design Guide, from 5.15 to 7.15 on the 8th September. 

Away from the High Street For Tyldesley have been working with a group of local junior school teachers developing a High Street Time Capsule Project to engage the younger members of our community in local heritage and culture. They will create 60 Time Capsule boxes to be kept safe and opened in ten years’ time with the next generation of young people who will hopefully be inspired to continue the sensitive development of our high street and our heritage.

Until you see the before and after you can't fully appreciate what has been done. 119 Elliott Street now our HAZ office (Heritage Action Zone) What makes the biggest difference for you? Personally we LOVE the set back door and tiling.

Thank you to all the lovely comments we've had so far!

Are you interested in local history? Passionate about local landmarks and their unique architecture? Do you have a local beauty spot that means something to you? Do you want to capture stories?

This is your chance to take part in our photography competition! Click HERE to find out more

Historic England have commissioned a short film to mark the halfway point ( 2 years) of our Tyldesley Highstreets Action Zone (HAZ) project. Thanks to all the beneficiaries, traders and residents who took part in the filming. I know you didn't all make the final edit and know you will be disappointed.

Your enthusiasm and passion for Tyldesley was great to see and continues to motivate the delivery team during the challenging days we sometimes have to overcome.

We still want to thank you for contributing and appreciate your support. We hope you make the final cut if they decide to make another film at the end of the project and hope it doesn't spoil your enjoyment of the film.

At the other end of the High Street Trinity Renovations have now turned their attention on to 206 Elliott Street. Lee – pictured and Pavla plan to use the ground floor as an office space for their business and fit out the first floor and attic space as a high specification apartment with amazing views across the Cheshire plain. After shot coming soon!