Find out how to help!

We are working with a range of local community groups and partners looking to recruit volunteers with shared aims and goals.

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends and expand your social circle. Its great for your own wellbeing and an opportunity to use your talents or passion to support the community in some way.

For Tyldesley and our project partners are currently seeking volunteers for the following roles where training and shadowing will help you to develop your skills:

  • Radio station production assistants/ news/ sports/weather/traffic announcers
  • Radio presenters
  • Reception duties at For Tyldesley and the radio station (both posts will be on Elliott Street)
  • Outside broadcast reporters (local weekend sports and social events)
  • Litter pickers for Tyldesley and Astley Wombles
  • Local history researchers to provide content for the website
  • Website support

Heritage and Culture

The Historic England funded Heritage and Culture projects are managed by local producer Vicky Tyrrell and The Pelican Centre. They are also seeking a range of eager volunteers to help them deliver the following projects:

  • Developing a digital heritage trail
  • Music and arts festival
  • Kite Festival
  • Shine a Light Festival
  • Book production and launch event
  • Grundy’s Grid Search competition
  • Photographic heritage competition and gallery event
  • Local hero awards celebration event

Aside from the obvious feel-good factor from giving your time to a worthy cause, if you are currently seeking work, volunteering has a number of key benefits for your career which make it well worth considering. Not only is it a great way to gain practical experience, volunteering can also help you stand out from the crowd and learn practical skills which will make you more desirable to potential employers.