Tyldesley Footfall Report (October 2021)

Published October 24th, 2021


  • The change in footfall compared to the previous month is a 6.14% increase
  • The total number of visitors was 100565 of which 67680 (67%) have visited previously and 32885 (33%) were new
  • The average number of visitors per day has increased by 1.41% based on the year to date average
  • Footfall for the year to date has increased by 100% (857537) based on the same period last year
  • The busiest zone during September was the Elliott St - The Square with 61716 visitors, 61.37% of the total venue visitors

Busiest Days

  • The busiest day this month was Wednesday 29th with 4317, 4% of the total of which 1913 (44%) were new visitors
  • During this day the busiest time was between 15:00 and 16:00
  • Average Dwell for the day was 194 minutes

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