Ponky's Park & Common Lane - Public Realm Project

Published April 25th, 2023

Students from Manchester School or Architecture are working in collaboration with For Tyldesley to propose designs for the redevelopment of a small green space along Tyldesley’s historic high street known locally as Ponky's Park. The project will allow students to prepare and undertake a public consultation with key stakeholders and community groups, in order to develop and test themes and inspire design ideas. Students will collaboratively produce design proposals in response to the feedback collected from the community, creating illustrative visuals, drawings and models of the green space. Throughout this workshop, students will develop skills in sketching, model making (both physical and digital), Indesign, Photoshop and rendering softwares, in addition to valuable skills in communication, public speaking, and organisation through stakeholder engagement activities. A consultation/presentation event and venue will be announced soon. Please point your phone camera at the QR code below to take part in the survey.

Point your camera phone at this code to take part in the survey.