Mosaic Project

Published August 31st, 2023

This project involved local schools working with members of the Tyldesley community to produce a piece of mosaic artwork that will be visible for the many users of the Guided Busway in Tyldesley (Astley Street stop). The main aim of the project is to produce an impression and welcome to Tyldesley which attracts people who use the busway to make use of the facilities in Tyldesley and therefore increase footfall in the town.  

A series of consultations was conducted with the local community to establish a design that encapsulates the feedback and heritage of Tyldesley. Once the design process was complete, workshops were held so that local people from Tyldesley can come together and contribute to the design. School children from Tyldesley have contributed to the mosaic by handmaking each engraved tile. A brick wall to display the mosaic has been constructed and an eye-catching spot chosen at Astley Street Bus Stop. Work to display the final mosaic on the wall is due to start mid-June, and dates for the grand opening have been agreed.  

This community project is something Tyldesley will have helped to construct and something for Tyldesley to be proud of – a great community achievement!