M29 Radio Station

Published September 14th, 2023

Helping setup the local Radio Station.

From a thought all the way through to execution.

The Radio Station Tony Hampson who was a retired pilot from the local area, had a local radio station that he did in his spare time. He had a license in which he came to For Tyldesley to see if we could help turn it into a large station rather than just him on his own. With the help of social media we found a team of like minded people who wanted to get involved on the project.

All from a simple idea to a Radio Station with it's own place in Tyldesley and over 30 people all working to provide M29 with the best Radio entertainment.

M29 Radio Station - Music Festival

M29 Radio Station - Interviews

M29 Radio Station - Behind the scenes

M29 Radio Station Fundraiser - The Bev-Athon

Great cause, Bevan did a 24 hour live in which he was raising money to help support the maintenance of the radio station.