Frank’s Chippy Christmas Celebration 

Published September 7th, 2023

To celebrate the restoration works and history of Frank’s Chippy, For Tyldesley organised and ran a Christmas event in December 2022. Frank’s Chippy and the HAZ Office were festively decorated with an array of mince pies and mulled wine on offer. Before the event began the building’s deeds were on display for anyone to have a read and a look through, alongside work by a local artist Meryl at Doodle Around, depicting some of the repaired, restored and replacement shopfronts funded by the High Street HAZ.  

The event started with a presentation by Tony Stanton for the Tyldesley Historical Society, on the interesting history of Frank’s Chippy and the fascinating life of Madame Radcliffe. Before having a short festive snack break, the Tyldesley Creative writers read out and performed some of their favourite poems about Frank’s. Finally, Bernadette Bone from B.B Heritage, who was the Conservation Accredited Architect on the Frank’s Chippy HAZ project, gave a presentation on the process of the building works and some key lessons learnt. It was a well-attended, fun and festive event which successfully celebrated and show-cased Frank’s in all its glory.