Davina's Pharmacy

Davina's Pharmacy

Part of the Shopfront enhancement scheme,

This project aims to spread the remaining grant across different buildings and undertake enhancement works to existing shopfronts rather than full repair/replacement to one or two properties. This would involve the removal of intrusive modern signage fascias and replacement (or repair) of traditional timber fascia, new lead flashing, brickwork patch repairs, new shopfront embellishments as is necessary i.e cornice, corbel, pilaster details, awning repairs, full redecoration scheme and traditional shopfront sign and security measures where necessary. All works will be carried out in line with the Tyldesley Town Guide. Lighting and glazing will not be included due to budget and planning issues. 

The project has two phases, phase one which runs before the end of March 2023 and phase 2 which runs from April 2023 to March 2023 

  • Phase One projects include: Davina Pharmacy, Dogs Deli and Wendy’s.  
  • Phase Two Projects include: D.G Optical and CJ Roberts. 

The first project we completed as part of the shopfront enhancement scheme was Davina Pharmacy. The works to Davina’s involved; removal of modern shopfront signage, minor timber repairs to the existing shopfront, reworking of existing leadwork, redecoration, new brick slip to stall riser, new ironmongery to doors and traditional signwriting including a new metal hanging sign. By completing these simple enhancement works, Davina Pharmacy has been transformed and has brought history and character back onto Elliott Street.