To celebrate the restoration works and history of Frank’s Chippy, For Tyldesley organised and ran a Christmas event in December 2022. Frank’s Chippy and the HAZ Office were festively decorated with an array of mince pies and mulled wine on offer. Before the event began the building’s deeds were on display for anyone to have a read and a look through, alongside work by a local artist Meryl at Doodle Around, depicting some of the repaired, restored and replacement shopfronts funded by the High Street HAZ.  

The event started with a presentation by Tony Stanton for the Tyldesley Historical Society, on the interesting history of Frank’s Chippy and the fascinating life of Madame Radcliffe. Before having a short festive snack break, the Tyldesley Creative writers read out and performed some of their favourite poems about Frank’s. Finally, Bernadette Bone from B.B Heritage, who was the Conservation Accredited Architect on the Frank’s Chippy HAZ project, gave a presentation on the process of the building works and some key lessons learnt. It was a well-attended, fun and festive event which successfully celebrated and show-cased Frank’s in all its glory.  

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We missed our community Christmas Markets in 2020.

Fingers and toes crossed The Christmas lights will be switched on Saturday 27th November 2021

I hope to secure 2 further dates 4th and 11th December 2021 too.So if you want a stall please let me know via email to

If you are selling cakes/food you will need to have hygiene rating and all stall holders will need their own insurance. I will put some links to relative bodies to assist you.

Stall fee is £20 non refundable as we will be advertising the events and your stall fee goes towards that any other costs. We have gazebos 3x3mt and their will be 2 stall holders to each gazebo, we have table cloths and can arrange loan of a 3ft table if required.

If you would like to be involved in the planning and activities again please let us know.. Elaine Rhind and myself are your 1st contact.

Well the rain stayed away so we could enjoy all the activities while we waited for Ella to get back from training and switch on the lights. Have a look through this gallery of amazing images taken by our local photographer Ryan Bowen 07391 601375 or Get in touch with him if you would like the photos for yourself in a higher resolution. Thanks to all who attended and the performers who made the night one of the best Christmas light switch on the town has seen in years. Well done to Vicky Tyrrell, all the volunteers, Radio M29 and back stage crew at Leisuretec for making the night a great success.

Christmas Light Switch On

The event really brought the town together, seeing old faces and new faces.

Welcome to England’s largest festival of history and culture!

Every September her in Tyldesley we organise events to celebrate our fantastic history and culture. It's your chance to see hidden places and try out new experiences – all of which are FREE to explore.

In 2022 our Heritage Open Days are Fri 9th - Sun18th September and include heritage walks, church and mining tours, art trails, art and photography exhibitions, and heritage craft experiences including leatherworking/loom weaving/wet felting.

Find out more here

Tyldesley - Elliott Street - Heritage Action Zone - Image courtesy of Historic England Archive 2022
Chris Jackson - Radio M29s Sunday breakfast presenter as Noel Gallagher

Well, we've finally sobered up and got around to sharing the pictures of the events with you all.

20 bands, 8 spoken word artists and one show - John Osborne's John Peels Shed spread over 6 venues on the high street.

I'm sure you'll agree that Ryan Bowen and his mate Rob Price did a great job of capturing the spirit of the day. Our friends at Tyldesley's Radio M29 made sure everyone was entertained while the artist were swapping over and you can meet the presenters again at the upcoming Makers Market and Christmas Lights switch on. Have a flick through the images and share any photos you took with us too. Big thanks to all the volunteers at Radio M29 and everyone else who joined in to make the week long festival a success. If you cant remember how much fun you had, try and spot yourself in this gallery of images.

Take a look at a gallery of old photos captured in Tyldesley Town Centre.

If you have any you would like to send across.. we will add them to the gallery.

Helping setup the local Radio Station.

From a thought all the way through to execution.

The Radio Station Tony Hampson who was a retired pilot from the local area, had a local radio station that he did in his spare time. He had a license in which he came to For Tyldesley to see if we could help turn it into a large station rather than just him on his own. With the help of social media we found a team of like minded people who wanted to get involved on the project.

All from a simple idea to a Radio Station with it's own place in Tyldesley and over 30 people all working to provide M29 with the best Radio entertainment.

M29 Radio Station - Music Festival

M29 Radio Station - Interviews

M29 Radio Station - Behind the scenes

M29 Radio Station Fundraiser - The Bev-Athon

Great cause, Bevan did a 24 hour live in which he was raising money to help support the maintenance of the radio station.

Maintenance Matters – Gutter Cleaning Project  

As part of the SPAB (The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings) Maintenance Week which is between 17th - 24th November, we had to wait for the Christmas trees to be put around Tyldesley for 2022. The works were completed between the 29th - 30th November.

For Tyldesley were offering a free gutter cleaning service for any interested properties on the high street and in the Conservation Area. 13 properties on Elliott Street signed up and had their gutters cleaned by local contractor, Parklands Ltd. The contractors also conducted a photographic roof survey and found no immediate issues with the roof slates, structure or gutters. They also surveyed three additional properties that were left out due to their poor condition and budget constraints. The works were completed by the end of November 2022 and were within the £5k budget. It is simple maintenance tasks like gutter cleaning which keep any building, new or old, in good condition and it is important that this is a regular upkeep.  

This will be happening again on 2023 we are aiming to target completion dates within Maintenance Week which is between 17th - 24th November.

This project involved local schools working with members of the Tyldesley community to produce a piece of mosaic artwork that will be visible for the many users of the Guided Busway in Tyldesley (Astley Street stop). The main aim of the project is to produce an impression and welcome to Tyldesley which attracts people who use the busway to make use of the facilities in Tyldesley and therefore increase footfall in the town.  

A series of consultations was conducted with the local community to establish a design that encapsulates the feedback and heritage of Tyldesley. Once the design process was complete, workshops were held so that local people from Tyldesley can come together and contribute to the design. School children from Tyldesley have contributed to the mosaic by handmaking each engraved tile. A brick wall to display the mosaic has been constructed and an eye-catching spot chosen at Astley Street Bus Stop. Work to display the final mosaic on the wall is due to start mid-June, and dates for the grand opening have been agreed.  

This community project is something Tyldesley will have helped to construct and something for Tyldesley to be proud of – a great community achievement! 

Students from Manchester School or Architecture are working in collaboration with For Tyldesley to propose designs for the redevelopment of a small green space along Tyldesley’s historic high street known locally as Ponky's Park. The project will allow students to prepare and undertake a public consultation with key stakeholders and community groups, in order to develop and test themes and inspire design ideas. Students will collaboratively produce design proposals in response to the feedback collected from the community, creating illustrative visuals, drawings and models of the green space. Throughout this workshop, students will develop skills in sketching, model making (both physical and digital), Indesign, Photoshop and rendering softwares, in addition to valuable skills in communication, public speaking, and organisation through stakeholder engagement activities. A consultation/presentation event and venue will be announced soon. Please point your phone camera at the QR code below to take part in the survey.

Point your camera phone at this code to take part in the survey.

Music Festival

On Sunday 18th September saw the culmination of the Tyldesley Arts & Heritage Festival with a day-long music takeover... local radio station M29 curated a fantastic mix of local favourites plus ones-to-watch. From early in the afternoon til evening, across Tyldesley's historic pubs and friendly bars they had live acts playing totally free for the delights of locals and new visitors alike. The event was great, brought people together, generated revenue for local businesses and gave people local to the area who are inspiring performers a vehicle to perform in front of 100's of people.

The Music festival was a massive success with the locals and everyone that was involved. I think a few peoples heads hurt the next morning. A massive thank you to everyone who took part in the day.

Take a look at some of the photos that were captured by the local photographer of the area Ryan Bowen.

From early afternoon til evening, across Tyldesley's historic pubs and friendly bars there'll be live acts playing totally free for the delights of locals and new visitors alike

Tyldesley favourites Moon Candy ready to bring the house down

rising star Jacob Reddy

the Dropouts in action at nearby Lilford Park Rock n Stroll Festival

innovative singer songwriter Paul Bennett

Have you spotted the supersized mural on the corner of Common Lane/Elliott Street? 'Course you have!

Who did it? Where did it come from? What's its story?

Become a street art detective with us and discover the mural's inspiration.....

Community Engagement and Heritage & Culture Project

In 2022, For Tyldesley used some underspend from the Historic England HAZ Funding to deliver a street name plate refurbishment project. There are some lovely old street signs on the high street with several in poor condition and in need of repair or replacement. Sixteen new cast aluminium signs were also made to replace modern street signs and those facing the one-way system.  

Leander Architectural, a foundry in Dove Holes in Derbyshire, undertook the work. Ian Tomlinson took a small group from the local community to collect the signs and take part in a foundry tour. Once the signs had been completed, they were fitted by White Fasteners Ltd. They now bring life and character onto the high street when previously they were an eye sore to the street scene.  

Heritage Skills Training 

Alongside the capital projects, For Tyldesley have facilitated numerous heritage skills training events so members of the public can increase and learn heritage skills. The events include:  

The inception of the makers market was to bring together like minded people who are interested in promoting their business or promoting their hobbies. It has also created a great community. The Makers Markets takes place the first Saturday of every month and are themed the markets have been a massive success.

Various different themes -

Such as:

World Cup Theme for the Womens World Cup

VE Day

Halloween Theme

And many more..

A Great Story Below...

The Makers Market Business Incubator

After attending the makers market for a few months, one lady who was selling Wax Candles and other Wax items, really found success. It was a product that really hit it off well with the public and Tyldesley Community so much so, she has been able to sell enough to now pay for a rental unit on Tyldesley High Street. The Company is called Wiltshire Wax Company. We are sure the business would have been a great success anyway as the products being sold are fabulous however, we would like to think the Makers Market provided a platform for her to show of the products accelerating the speed in which the company has grown.

Great positive side effects we didn't originally aim for.